Sunday, 12 February 2017

An Introduction

Hi everyone and thanks for looking at my blog. I've set this up to chart the progress of my new very late war German Army for Bolt Action, partly to share my progress and also partly to motivate myself to keep painting. The army will be based roughly on the 'Last Levy' list in the Armies of Germany book and will be themed around the siege of Breslau in 1945. This was one of the last of Hitler's 'Fortresses' to fall and is a battle that really interests me for various reasons. If you'd like to read some background to the siege have a look on the Wikipedia page below as it provides a good summary.

The planned army list will consist of:

- 1st Lieutenant (One extra man)   83 points
  Assault rifles

- Medic  25 points

- Fallschirmjager Squad (8 man)  153 points
  Light machine gun, 3 x assault rifle, 2 x panzerfaust, 1 x SMG

- Volksgrenadier Squad (9 man)   97 points
  5 x Assault Rifle

- Volkssturm Squad (10 man)   93 points
  3 x SMG, 3 x panzerfaust

- Volkssturm Squad (10 man)  93 points
  3 x SMG, 3 x panzerfaust

- Medium Howitzer   85 points
  w/ spotter

- Tiger I     410 points
  Extra MMG

Total points: 1,039

Total order dice: 8

I'm aware that it isn't going to be the easiest army to use but I quite like the challenge. The Tiger I is a pretty big points sink but I quite like the prospect of having one on the table and the psychological effect it can have. The medic is there solely for the extra order dice. Only actually playing the list will show whether 8 order dice is too little for a 1,000 points list.

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